Adventures on road

In Kuching, on my first drive, I was in the middle lane and a car in front of me was too slow! Out of irritation, I honked and then only I realized that few of the drivers were looking at me.
the major difference between home and Kuching was that there are no honks on road! Drivers are very polite and give way. What a way to live:)

But the life style is a bit too slow for me and in few months it started getting on my nerves as there was nothing much I could do.

Getting lost
Usually on Fridays therez a long lunch break, and on the second Friday after I star
ted working, I went out to do some shopping on my own, assuming that I can come back to work using the regular route. It so happened that there was a road block on the way back and I had to take diversion. Here starts the adventure!

Am not very good in directions, so with guess work I started driving and went up a bukit (hill) imagining that I would reach office. To my surprise it led me to a high way and the sign boards were not familiar. I kept driving in the hope of finding my way. By then, I was lost for almost 45 minutes and suddenly I saw a sign board Ke Kuching (To Kuching)!! Yea, just then realized that  I was out of the city.

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