Content Reuse and Single Sourcing


A project's timeline or deadline becomes the worst night mare for any professionals. This factor clubbed with other type of pressures such as lack of proper resources/tools and a bit of carelessness on the writer's part makes publishing content in different formats and reusing contents for different purposes a big feat.


Concept of using same content that needs to be published in different formats or for different purposes is considered as single sourcing.

When there is one source, making changes in one place that can be reflected in all the formats or versions becomes a reality. For example, a change in hardware requirement specification in multiple formats can be managed easily.Some of the benefits of single sourcing are:

- Reduced writing/editing time

- Less head-ache in maintaining different versions of similar content

- Copy and paste errors can be avoided

Content Reuse

Reusable content has a single source, but reuse generally refers to content originally developed for one purpose that can be reused in another.

A good example of content reuse would be, a owners manual of your car. Majority of the contents would be same for different models of the same brand. In this instance, reuse strategy would be a good solution to manage contents. Some of the tips to prepare reusable content are:

- Write in a generic way, so that it can be reused
- Try to avoid brand names/model codes
- If unavoidable, you can make use of variables that can be replaced with appropriate values before compiling content.


Sri said...

a technical writer's view...when are you going to share the BM's view???

VaishVijay said...

With the current situation, not far from that!?

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