Colorful Madurai

Whenever I set foot in my home town Madurai, I feel at home and a sense of belonging rushes to me though I don't get all the creature comforts that now am used to! Day starts with typical scenes like cows tethered in the neighborhood or milking:

and Milk vendors carrying milk cans for home/shop delivery

Madurai is synonymous with good food that is available round the clock. Yea, I did enjoy the delicacies. But unfortunately, I dint snap I was busy tasting it;) Shot only a few like this roadside fruit salad vendor at night, bcos I dint eat it!

Karumbu chaaru (sugar cane juice) n yelani (tender coconut) are the must have...

Then, we cant run away from the rickshaws, which are similar to trishaws of Penang!

As there are lot of villages around Maduari, you can see villagers/daily wagers traveling like cattle, come to think of it, I might enjoy this ride as it might be a joy/thrill ride!

Still in some parts, there are no bridges on top of rail tracks, instead, railway level crossings are still in use.
Still bullock carts are driven on road,

I can keep rattling endlessly, but now am a bit sleepy, so will continue later


haan said...

pretty, would u have problem eating the local food? last time when i came back from aus for holiday, i must get sick.

VaishVijay said...

Yes dear, I do get severe indigestion and gastric. am still under medication:(

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