Rocket Science

Beware, do not get carried away by the title of this post! Sure, am not rattling on rocket science because that is a not a domain where am familiar with...but, for sure I can talk about dosai. Dosai is an Indian food, which is meant for breakfast or dinner. This is made from a combination of rice and dhal batter.

Now, lets see the connection between rocket and dosai.

Yes, this is a ROCKET DOSAI. It is a challenging task to make the dosai so crispy and that too in a conical shape vaguely resembling a rocket!!

To do this, the chef has to spread the batter in a circular shape on a pre-heated pan and then precisely cut a radius when the batter is still soft, then let it turn crispy under right temperature just enough to make it in a cone shape. Look at the complicated steps involved, in fact, it is rocket dosai science^^:)

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