Scintillating Twinkle stars!

Often we discuss about different dialects or accents in a language. Here is a Youtube clipping that shows a lady singing English nursery rhyme, in different Indian music styles. You should watch it to enjoy the creativity!

If am not mistaken this is taken from a Tamil serial that was popular few years ago. For those who don't understand the Tamil dialogues that come in the video, here is the translation:

At the end of first style the lady says: note that I have not made any mistakes in musical pitch! Then the man asks her to sing in another language, she continues to sing with Telugu style, followed by Kerala style and Punjabi style.

Then the last part of the video is from a Hindi movie (dunno the name!).

On the whole I had a good laugh and wanted to share:)


cheeyee said...

Hey, just drop by to say hi.
How have you been?

VaishVijay said...

sure will visit:)

Nowadays, quite busy with a couple of projects...

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