Expand or Oversized?

There was a lot of built-up about Petrosains at KLCC in Kuala Lumpur, but it did not live up to my imagination. May be, because of very high expectation on my part. However, my kid and hub enjoyed it.

Some of the demos, like the one that proves the center of gravity were interesting but their shows were very childish. Perhaps, they mean to attract the children and naturally, my kid wanted to participate in the show and get ready like a dinosaur by using just newspapers. Like madcap, I helped her to have claws, jaws and clubbed-digits like this

And she won the second prize! The hamper had a funny whistle cum multi-colored light, 3 expanding dinos (2 of which were same species). The cover boasts this:

Well, the dino is made of some rubbrish-plastic material and as per claims, it is supposed to reach full expansion after 72 hours. We followed the instructions and immersed it water. Curiously we were watching it day by day and at the end of 3 days, it failed to meet our expectation! See for yourself

Is this 600% expansion?

On a different note, this picture made me to visualize and compare Vaish 16 years ago Vs Current Vaish...dare not to publish those pics:(

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