How do You see Networking and Social Media?

Caught in the networking mania, many of us spend time in professional and social networking sites. Though I believe in networking, often I wonder to what extent I am actively participating and contributing to any groups.

To an extent, I participate in Linkedin and FaceBook. Here, like a kid left loose on a chocolate and toys jungle, I feel so good when I connect with a new contact or become a member of a group whose interests seem to match my passion. But, after being there for a while my initial interest wanes slowly and start seeking where and what is this all about. Here am like a lost child. Twitter is another story, am still skeptical about it and want to learn more before jumping in it.

Call it natural instinct, I started digging, skimming and scanning my network and the valuable links provided in it to find the answers for my dilemma on social media. At first, I came across blogs and articles that were reflecting similar thoughts, but lacked in proper explanation. Finally, I landed up in David Armano's blog, where he presents ideas in clear graphical representations. I can't stop myself from sharing his graphic The Social Media Conversion Scale:

The way he has explained each stages throws light in the dark areas. Let me analyze each of these stages from my own perspective:

Unbeliever: Um, this is not my cuppa.

Skeptic/Seeker: Reaction to Twitter shows that am here and at the same time this is a good sign that am trying to change:) To me the media gurus' views and predictions play the role of parent/friend who introduces a new concept. Once am there, I may not expect them to influence me, because that would become spoon-feeding. I would rather experience it and learn my own way.

New Convert: Now am almost there, I dare to say it based on my recent experiences as a freelancer in software documentation. However, am yet learn and adapt social media in the engineering field, this could be because of lack of exposure. Well, time to find out.

Zealot: Over enthusiastic contents irk me, and I get bored with it easily, so I don't think I've been in this stage.

Self-Righteous Jerk: Whenever I come across content that uses buzzwords and endless superlative descriptions, I think that they are just writing to cover-up something! I don't bother to explore. Even after learning about this stage, I might still stick to my views. Nothing wrong in being a jerk at times, right?

Humble servant/Evolving True Believer: Way to go.

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Reno said...

Hmm....why am i see the "self-righteous jerk" sounds so familiar? Do we know "it" from somewhere? :P

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