Morib - Jetty

From Pantai Morib, we headed to a nearby fishing jetty. I thought that the boats were stranded and unused because they were tethered on a low-level sandy bank. 

Then the fishermen said that in the evenings, the seawater comes to this inlet due to high tide and the boats float high enough that they could get into it directly from this platform!

We saw a couple of fishermen cooking in the boats and learned that they live in that boat itself! During daytime, either they rest or do some maintenance work, like mending the fishing nets.

Then, to our surprise, a small motor boat was wading slowly towards the platform. We learnt that these fishermen went to the sea in the daytime just because there was a special order for large prawns for Chinese New Year celebrations! 

First, I was puzzled how can they be so sure to catch large prawns? Then, they said that they use special net for catching prawns. In fact, they had two nets and you can see the different contents, as shown in the above inlaid picture.

Though I don't eat meat or seafood, I would love to go on a fishing boat at night, just for the sake of experiencing. Let me see, when I can get such a chance...

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