Tribute to Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin's bi centenary birthday is celebrated worldwide on 12 Feb 2009. He is the renowned naturalist, who did major break through in the field of evolution. Efforts have been taken to put his complete work online.

BBC is celebrating Darwin special programs. Google has released this logo:

Long time ago, I remember reading that Darwin was hiding his theories from his wife, because he did not want to hurt her religious beliefs. So, when I started to hunt for info related to this incident, and I came across an interesting imaginative blog post that is posted on behalf of Emma, Darwin's wife!

Then, I came across Devolve Me, which is a funny tool released by Open University, in lieu of this celebration. When you upload your photo, and follow instructions, it will show how you would look, if you lived millions of years ago. They do claim that it is not a scientific tool, but just for fun, I tried and got these...

Intrested to try? Click here.

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