Rattling to Unwind...

After a Day's Sightseeing, am itching to share my experiences, but before that I wanna unwind, and rest so that I can carry on for the next couple of days...so here goes my rattles...

Well, I have not yet downloaded 260+ photos that I took today in Kensington Palace, Thames Cruise and Trafalgar Square. In St Paul's Cathedral, there is a display that requests not take photos. I wanted to respect that request, but with much regrets. However, I saw few tourists snapping fervently, so I too followed suite and took very few pictures, that too using my hand-phone.

Here in UK, we are entirely relying on public transport. Even after buying car, I don't think I would like to take my car to Central London, because of excessive Congestion Tax and heavy parking rates. Besides, The Transport For London is quite good and mostly reliable. 

Whenever, I go to Central London, I have been watching a couple of things. Every time, I go to Overground railway stations in London and its suburbs, am reminded of Chennai Central, Chennai Egmore, Madurai and Kuala Lumpur Railway Stations. Yes, I agree that these places had British influence in the past. But, what irks me the most is the poor lighting facilities in all these stations.

The, the Underground or Tube stations in Central London is similar to Singapore Underground network. Here, the minute you enter the underground level, you can see people always moving in a great hurry, as if their whole life depended of catching that train. Today, at one of the stations, I was suddenly reminded of rats scurrying! Now, I realize what has made me to think like this:)

Especially in the tubes, always I can see young adults necking. Here, I can't understand what motivates them to behave like this.

Then, comes the basic necessity. In Malaysia & Singapore, washrooms in shopping malls and railway stations are maintained with acceptable quality and in most places, it is free of charge. As for Chennai & Madurai, there are both unpaid and paid restrooms, but you cannot expect decent maintenance. But, as for as London is considered most of the railway stations and tube stations do not have washrooms. Even the ones that has this facility, they charge, yet not in good condition!

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