Snowy Clouds

On the way back from the Uni, happened to meet this beauty and I was compelled to stop on the deserted road and capture her:)


Travelling Wheelbarrow!

See how this new wheelbarrow is treated royally...

When I saw this at the traffic light, I was thinking of a Tamil saying, "oodamum oru naal kappalil yerum", (ஓடமும் ஒரு நாள் கப்பலில் ஏறும்), which means that even a boat gets to travel by ship!


Goose Goose Gander

Just when we turned in the lane that leads to my kid's school (in Klebang, Melaka), I had to stop and give way to a flock of gaggling geese. After taking a couple of shots, I shot a short video and here we go...


Photo - A Touching Experience

During my last visit to India, we went to Sri Rengam, a Hindu holy temple. After our prayers, as usual I was capturing whatever caught my fancy. I will share that in another post.

I heard someone meekly calling "akka akka" from behind. I had to stop focusing and turn around to see if I was the one called for...there stood this chap longingly looking at my puny camera and asking if I would take a picture of him. When I agreed, he gave a dazzling smile and posed without even putting down the basket from his head!

Thankful-Thursday Challenge
After that he moved away and I had to stop and show his picture on my LCD. He stood in awed silence and then broke in a large grin and sprinted away.
Every time I see this picture, I wonder here is a NEXTER who doesn't know a thing about the current hi-tech stuff. I should have printed this photo and given it to him for keepsake...



It was only 7.50 AM when I reached my kid's school today. After waving bye to her, I was in a mood to explore around. As the school faces the sea, I was sure that there must be some calm beach within few kms. I decided to follow the signboard Pantai Putrei. After taking a couple of left and right turns from the highway, and passing through kampungs (villages), I arrived at the beach.

Well, I was not too sure if I could find my way back that too with my "pasar malam" Malay. Um, thinking philosophically to live for that moment, I cheered up and started walking in the beach sand. It was soothing to watch the waves at that time of the day.

Tireless waves trying to reach their target...look at the oncoming cheerful waves and the subdued receding waves...didn't they reach their goals?


Parking Ticket

It was just gonna take about 5 minutes to buy the stuff from the stores, so as usual I didn't put the parking ticket and I did come back as expected. But, this time fate was against me and there was that slip, with RM30 as fine;

Someone nearby suggested that if I go and settle the fine immediately, the amount would be reduced. To my surprise, it was true!

At the counter, the assistant said that as am paying within 24 hours, the fine is reduced to just RM5! I had to thank my lucky stars:)

However, next time, would I take the risk of not putting 20 sen parking ticket? Well, thatz a million dollar question^^.

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