Do You Know Chomolungma?

As usual, this time too I have brought back several paperback novels from T-Nagar Pondy Bazar at unbelievable rates:) I have started reading Paths of Glory, by Jeffery Archer. The story is about a British mountaieeer George Mallory, who lived in early 20th century. The hero's main goal in life is to conquer Chomolungma. 

How many of us are aware of Chomolungma? It is none other than the Himalayas! What a shame, even in schools, when we were taught Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world, we were never told about its original name. I wonder why no effort is taken to popularize Chomolungma instead of Everest! 


Fiery Clouds

After all the traveling, everything at home seems to be messy and there is always things that I need to attend to. But not making any post has been nagging me a lot. So to sooth my conscience and at the same time spend very little time online, I decided to share these fiery beauties...

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