Parking - A Nightmare in KL

Recently, we went to Amoda building in KL to apply for Singapore visa. Though I was used to horizontal movable platforms, this parking lot had vertical double-decker lots. After circling 3 levels, I couldn't get even a single top level lot. Warily I pressed one of the shafts so that I could park in the lower level. Now, looking at the car that stood above and the dark slanting lower level, I was scared and wanted to chicken out. But, then after lot of hesitation, I did a reverse parking successfully after 15 minutes!

After filing for our visas, we didn't want to take our car from this building as we thought that it would be easier to go to the nearby Low Yat Plaza as well. After 3 and half hours, we realized our blunder of not checking the parking charges earlier. We had to pay RM21.50!!!

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