Welcoming 2010 with the best of 2009

So much has happened in 2009, especially I have had itchy feet and traveled a lot:) 2009 started with a very positive note as I was so free to do things that I liked to do! It's going to be no different in the coming years:)

I wish I could do a recap of the best moments and pictures that I took in 2009, but when I started to sift through my memory lane and the thousands of photos that I took last year, it seemed to be a daunting task. Instead, I decided to just skim and scan through the collection and do a quick post. No complaints, 2009 was good to me. Here I welcome this new year with the best shots that I like from my last years collections...

Well, I have a feeling that 2010 would be even better!


haan said...

pretty, 2010 will surely be better!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Vaish,

Wish you & your familt all the best for 201.

Happy New Year.


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