Participation and Fun = Sports and Family Day

After all these years, this is the first time I have been actively participating in my kid's school activities. To be honest, only now time is under my control and I can decide what I really want to do. When there was a call for volunteers, I signed up as a sports committee member. Don't ask me what sport I play!

Well the experience was refreshing. It was great to listen and to contribute in coming up with games list for children and parents. Unlike workplace, there was no tension or mainly EGO clash:) All the ideas were given due importance and there was a sense of satisfaction. Above all, there was no one grumbling behind the back to do a task:)

The whole event was planned like a typical project with a main objective to encourage participation, team spirit and fun. After a couple of iterations, we came up with the list of games that can be played within the available time frame, budget and resources. The best part was that every kid would get at least a medal to take back as a memento. No hard feelings at all.

The team games included Macaroni and Chopsticks, where the kids had to pick and pass macaroni using chopsticks and the last kid in the team should put them in a string. This is a time based game and the team that has the maximum number of macaronis in the string wins.

Then there was this Caterpillar Walk for children, parents and the teachers. A team of 4 should walk together on a plank. It was funny to watch when they say left/right and lift the foot simultaneously.

Relay race, where children have to walk on coconut shell and then on a narrow beam...

"Dressing Up Dad" was rather hilarious:) However, only 4 families were daring for this adventure. In this game, a heap of costumes & accessories were kept from which moms need to select and the kids need to dress up the dads as beautiful dames.

Rolling dough for making chapatti is an art that comes by practice. Here the dads were asked to do it. In this there were 8 contestants. Finally, 3 winners were selected based on largest (measuring 34" in diameter), roundest (almost!) and the chapatti that can be lifted from the table.

One of the participants declared that even his chapatti could be lifted AND demonstrated by lifting the table itself^^:)

Usually in any sports events the winning stand is out of reach for the children. But, here the children were happily climbing and playing on it...

Besides all these activities, potluck lunch was organized. I was a bit concerned if the lemon rice I prepared would be left untouched.

Well, I was in for surprise and lemon rice was one of the items that finished!

To put it in a nut shell, it was a memorable event, where I had a chance to mix with other parents and staff and have fun.

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