Moon and Lens

Moon, to me, like cloud and water has always been an attraction:
  • Carefree childhood - when my grandfather used to enthrall us with mythological and religious stories.
  • Teen - gazing at the moon, especially full moon and dreaming, about anything and everything   
  • Of late - my aim was to capture a nice macro of a full moon 
But, with my Canon 550D and 18-55mm lens, I couldn't get a decent shot. Today, we went on a shopping spree looking for something, but ended up in buying stuff, that I'd been looking out for quite sometime. Yes, the best item was Sigma DX 70-300mm Macro lens and finally, I could capture full moon!
Manual Mode with Shutter Speed: 1/160, Aperture: F-11, ISO -200

In most of the cultures and religions moon has a special place. Worldwide, Muslims follow lunar calendar for observing religious practices. In Chinese tradition, Mid Autumn or Moon Cake festival is celebrated around September/October. As per Hindu belief full moon and new moon are considered as auspicious. In fact, there are several sentimental beliefs attached to the waxing and waning moon. 

On a full moon day, my mom accidentally told me that it was a 'new moon' day. In a typical Hindu household, you would often hear from elders, 'cut your hair on a new moon and your hair will grow well, as the moon waxes'. Though it sounds silly, I tend to follow it as I've been hearing about this kinda sentiment since childhood. Instead of calling it as a belief, I'd rather label it a 'habit' and I did go and cut my hair on that evening. While parking my car, I saw a bright reflection on my hood and looked up, full moon was dazzling and I realized about my mom's 'lunar miscalculation':)



Like watching the clouds, it gives immense pleasure to watch paddy fields, irrespective of the season. Here is a couple of shots that shows the early stages of rice planting...

Rice seedlings - planted randomly

Transplanting the seedlings

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