Madurai Meenakshi Amman - My all time favorite temples

When I was young, I used to gaze at the majestic Gopuras (temple tower) of Meenakshi Amman Temple, till I'd to squint because of the hot sun! Being one of the largest and high holy Hindu temples, it was listed for online voting as one of the seven wonders of the world!

This time, when I visited, the thatch covered gopuras were a bit disappointing, as I could not view them, especially the South, to my hearts content. Yea, maramathu or renovation was going on because of the kumbabeshekam and hence covered. Three main towers are filled with artistic statues and the fourth Motta (plain or devoid) gopura, without any statue adorned is a sight for a life time.

When I stand in front of the main deity Goddess Meenakshi, I can forget myself and gaze at her endlessely, despite the crowd and noise. In fact I dint shoot much photos here mainly bcos I feel at peace inside this temple and never thought of clicking until I finished my prayers.

Golden Lotus,
based on which my granpaa used to enthrall us with endless mythological stories.

Nandhi, facing Swami sannadhi.

Navagragha, we Hindus believe that the nine planets are responsible for our destiny and hence they are a part of our temples.

Belief on child birth - There is a belief that if you apply oil on the lower abdomen of this deity and pray on behalf of the pregnant woman who is about to deliver, the delivery would be smooth and both the mother and child would be safe.

Amman Sannathi, famous shopping center inside temple premises, where you get typical Indian ladies and religious related stuff.

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