Hide and Seek

Usually, by 8.30 AM you could feel the wrath of sun and watching clouds without coolers would not be that great. Today weather was unusually pleasant and cool, well one would argue that the sky was full of furious dark rainy clouds. At a traffic light, I was happily watching clouds and sun playing hide and seek, here is a shot...

Isn't it beautiful? To me it looks like even Sun feels lazy to get up:)


Ignorant Car User

I've been driving for more than 8 years, but am still unfamiliar with stuff under the hood. When my foreman says if something is wrong, I have no choice except to accept and spend. Luckily (I believe), this time round my mechanic seems to be a reasonable guy who doesn't suggest changing every part.

During last service, I complained that lately my car did not have enough power as it used to be. After checking crazy wires and parts under the hood, one of the assistants crawled under my car to examine, dunno what. Then, I was told that my exhaust pipe had a hole, thanks to my fast track driving, especially over the humps!

Being a reasonable fellow, my foreman asked me to go to the exhaust pipe shop and weld the hole. But, I was wary of going to a new place on my own so I convinced that my foreman take me to a reliable place to fix.

At the exhaust pipe shop, as expected the so called expert examined and recommended that I have to go for a "brand new" exhaust pipe, which would cost me "just around" RM180! But, the hole was only about the size of a pepper. When my mechanic argued on my behalf, I was told that "well you could weld, but you would hear a noise when you drive". However, my foreman said that would not be an issue with car performance, so I just opted for welding...

After fixing, there is "no noise" when I drive and also the power has been restored, all for just RM 15! Moral of the story, be careful and watch out for lame excuses when you are asked to replace something completely, especially when it looks good enough to you.


Trying to be Healthy

The long Easter weekend was refreshing. I tried to eat healthy, cross my heart!

When we went for Chinese vegetarian makan, I ordered fresh mixed fruit n veg juice, which was suggested by the attender (beetroot, orange and ginger). In a short while, a shocking pink juice was kept in front of me. I thought OMG, it looks like 'sarbaths' sold during festivals in rural Indian villages...

Well, it tasted OK, but I would not go for it again, may be I'd ask them to replace orange with some other fruit. My kid says I gotta wired taste:p

For those who wonder about the dish in the background - it is "Pattaya Tomyam fried rice", my kid's choice.

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