Scratching Woks!

Although, most of the stuff is in place at my new residence, am still trying to settle down. As am working from home, that too, on a leisurely pace, I have ample time at my hands. Therefore, I pick up each chore and do it with passion. Yesterday, I was trying to clean up a blackened wok that my hub was using when I was in London. Halfway through, suddenly, I remembered a standing family joke and immediately took this snap:)

When I took BA English Literature, one of my uncles teased that I had chosen this subject because I was destined to "scratch woks" (meaning get married and lead a lethargic life) and am going to college only for time-pass until I get married!

Now, my uncle is no more. I still wonder why he made such comments, probably, in those days my profession was unknown. Whatever, his comment has come true today!

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