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Narrowboat in Birmingham canal For SOOC Sunday
Cruise boats on the Thames, London. London Eye and Big Ben are in the background!
This ferry is used to reach the other side of the Avon river...
Intelligent Signage!
Boats n yachts dotted at Beachy Head, Eastbourne during Red Arrows Air Show!

This ferry is used to reach the other side of the Avon river, so there is an 'intelligent signage'...


Mid Autumn or Moon Cake Festival

Like Indian festivals and related beliefs, Chinese festivals are equally colorful and filled with deep-rooted beliefs.

Purnima or Full Moon (Presenting this for SOOCS)

There is an interesting array of traditional food associated with the Mid Autumn or Moon cake festival, which falls on Full Moon day of the 8th month (Sept/Oct of Georgian calendar) of the Chinese calendar. Well, I'm not repeating the many stories associated with this festival, as you can find vivid representations online!

Moon Cakes - center filled with Lotus paste is my favorite

It is believed that in Ancient China, to dethrone a malevolent invader, message and plan for rebellion were passed through hidden slips in Moon Cakes during this festival!

A sweet with rabbit design, specially consumed during this festival

Pomelo - a type of citrus

Dragon Horn

Some of my friends call this as buffalo horn! Actually, it tastes like chestnut:)

Usually, all the family members gather to celebrate this festival and enjoy these goodies. We had one such celebration few years ago, at work...

If we celebrated with this many variety of food during tea time at work, you can imagine the actual spread at a typical family gathering!


Utensils, Vessels and Hand Engraved Plates

Even now, in most of the Indian households stainless steel utensils and vessels are used. Whenever I go to my hometown (Madurai, India), I am tempted to checkout the shops for new arrivals. Let me try to relive the experience of how it feels to visit a prominent utensil seller.

At the entrance of the shop, the distinct sound of chisel and hammer emerges above all the chaotic noise that is predominant in Indian roads. I take time to look at the silent craftsmen, laboring to beautify brass/copper/stainless utensils.

Hand Engravers - very cheap labor

This time, they were working on brass plates, which are used in pooja (Hindu religious activities).

Doing wonders with chisel and hammer

Engraved with Vinayaka

Once you enter the shop, the dazzling array of utensils from wall to wall is a sight in itself!

It's hard to decide on what to buy and what not, finally I end up buying things that I don't need as well^^.

Like teasers, vessels with handles are hung on the roof and it looks so colorful that I can't stop myself from gazing at them!

Colorful food containers

Actually, this type of carriers is eco-friendly, because locals use it to pack food instead of plastic containers and covers.


Ushering the Monsoon

Dragon flies have arrived to celebrate the monsoon!

Recently I learned that these beauties with its organza material like wings can fly as fast as 35 miles per hour!


Light and Shade

I have guilty conscience, whenever I go through my photo archives (2 + years of captures!). Yes, I feel that I've created a huge backlog in preserving the memory. I intend to make at least a weekly post from the backlog. Here is a series of shots that has light and shade...

@ Jewellery Quarter Museum - Birmingham, UK (Yet to post photos from this Museum)

Somewhere in Reading, UK

Apartments in Choa Chu Kang, Singapore

Ancient Egypt - Universal Studios, Singapore

Dome @ Hassanal Bolkiah Mosque Brunei

Thorn shrubs @ Madurai, India

World War II Memorial @ Labuan, Malaysia (yet to write a post on this) 

Hoping to catch up, before my memory fades!


Vinayaka @ Meenakshi Amman Temple Madurai

Prime God of Hindus, Vinayaka or Ganapathy is worshiped before the beginning of anything like a wedding or business. And today is His birthday. He has an elephant's face and stout with a pot belly. Here are some of His avtars @ Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple.

Vibuthy Vinayakar

He sits near the entrance of South Tower, and people shower him with vibuthy or holy ash and pray.  

Mukkuruni Vinayakar

He is the largest Ganapathy within this temple and today, special pooja or prayers will be performed. Extra large modhagam (rice based cake) will be offered to Him and later distributed to the public.

Narthana Vinayakar

Narthana means dancing, this dancing Vinayaka is near the Mottai gopuram and people pray to Him on special occasions like Sasthiaptha poorthi (60th birthday).

Couples who are not blessed with a child are advised to do milk absheka (bathing the deity with milk) for this Narthana Vinayaka. Though many beliefs sound superstitious, at times, out of desperation and yearning I tend to believe in age old customs. Belief is everything, I too have done milk abeshikam here, as I had my kid only after a long time.

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