Madras Thorn - கொடுக்காபுளி

When I saw this in Pallavaram market, I was a little more than excited...

But, the roadside peddler was at a ever busy junction and I'd to make a huge u turn just to buy this!

கொடுக்காபுளி, until this day I didn't know the English name, thanks to google for informing the botanical and common names - Pithecellobium dulce/Madras Thorn!

This is a seasonal fruit (well, how else can I call it?!), available for a very short time in the height of summer. Taste - bitter sweet to sweet, you can't judge the taste by the color of the times the green ones are sweet too and the pink ones are bitter.

More than eating this odd tasting fruit, the thrill is in peeling the first layer of the black seeds!

These seeds are inedible and has a double layer. The outer thick black one, followed by skinny brown layer. The minute you start peeing with nails, both layers come off. So peeling that tough layer without scratching the next layer used to be our challenge in those days. Even now, I couldn't get it off:(
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