Communicating through images - a fact finding journey

Though my profession is communicating mainly through words, I strongly believe in saying:
A Picture is worth thousand words!
Pictures can speak for itself and you can use words frugally to enhance the visual representation. In fact success of any project depends heavily on usability, be it a software hi-tech industrial equipment or any house-hold gadgets.

In the past several times I've been asked not to use screen shots and some of the lame excuses given were:
  • maintenance is high
  • what if there is no time to update screen changes in documentation?
  • screen change is done with short notice, what if the writer dint learn about the changes or what if an update is missed out?
When you redesign or modify the screens, you do it for a particular purpose. Won't there be an equivalent task to update documentation as well? There could be errors or miss-outs, but not on a wholesale! In this case I can see issues in the work process that too at the decision making points rather than finding reasons for avoiding screen shots!

Well, I don't say or recommend capturing each and every screen for technical documentation. But for screens where user action is the deciding factor and the outcome is irreversible, I'd say visual presentation would be easier to understand.

When it comes to Technical Writing, target audience is the king and must assist him in every possible way to ease off his job in using or learning a product! Now, as I don't have to abide by any dogmatic rules, I've set out on a fact finding spree from professionals in the writing industry as well as "real" end users of various applications! Yes, I've started interviewing and plan to continue until the end of this month. Just within 24 hours, I've started getting amazing responses and I plan to use the findings in my upcoming project for a reputed international client, who appreciates my contribution!

Probably I would share the findings with groups that can make a difference in the arena of technical communication.


haan said...

pretty, not seeing ur juicy post yet!!

VaishVijay said...

Logical reasoning is ruling over my emotions! Dear am having second thoughts on making a sensational post. Just think, would it mean anything to anyone after few years, why even months?

Reno said...

It does mean something to relevant party as long as "it" still exist. So, just giv us something impactful, juicy, emotional and stunning, as promised~

Note: "It" is the thingy we had in common. :P

haan said...

u think too much! we are waiting! no blank promises!

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