Getting localized

When I was still new in KL, I had difficulties even in understanding local Tamil dialect! Once I happened to ask my friend /colleague on which computer was a particular software loaded, and I was asked to go to the "thongal PC"!!!

Back home, the meaning for that word was "hang/hanging". Now, i was perplexed and wondered if my friend was sarcastically referring to the PC that hangs often^^. Looking at my puzzled look, she understood that something was wrong. Then after a hearty laugh, she clarified that she was referring to the PC at the end of the row!!!

So in Malaysian Tamil dialect, thongal = last:)

Some other terms that I've caught up are:

English Chennai Tamil Malaysian Tamil
Footwear Seruppu Chappate
Kitchen Samayalarai Cusini
Is that so Apdiya Aamava
Had your breakfast? Kaale tiffen aacha? Pasiyariyacha?
Slacks Pants Seluvaaru

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De'Little Ones said...

Hanging PC... ha ha ha.

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