OUT - from a writers vantage

For the past few days I was coming home around 9 pm due to the targeted release of our project. Yesterday, after three years, I happened to work very late until midnight as I was involved in OUT (Overall User Testing) and some last minute wiki article editing.

To start with, I never used to like testing, as most often I've seen testers creating test data that involves mundane data entry. Moreover, I was a bit paranoid about testing because I felt that I might know too much of the nitty-gritty details. Knowing too much before writing a help topic might be dangerous, as I might skip some tips assuming that its a common knowledge!

But his time round I felt a different and in fact enjoyed it! may be because:

- I'm not writing for the end users/business users, in this project
- the role I played didn't involve data entry
- was something that I like and often do when I come across new online application/utility

What ever the reason is, I did learn to be a bit patient, which is a rare commodity for me! Just in these few days I've been like zombie and feel like am totally burned out! Then how about my friends there who have been working late for a couple of months! I just admire their stamina!


haan said...

hey, got to know from MG and Caine that they have been working OT. didn't know u were involved too!

dun worry, after these hard work u guys will be paid well. but i just didn't know that there are still projects! out of my expectation!

however, are these REAL projects, to the to-be-but-never-come-true ones?

VaishVijay said...

Hello dear, every thing runs on belief. Yup, we did it this time and we have gone live!

Reno said...

Yeah, go live, zombie~ :P

Their OUT is very boring, indeed. Objective was trimmed, test scope is deminising & compromised with lacking of manpower and patient.

Frustration is not on the job, but whether is pointless to spend effort on task that is compromised and "bare-minimum"...

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