Rattles on defining success

An age old question: How do you define success? Here letz see how different people would react:
  • A family oriented person: Lots of family time
  • A business man: Win big business deals and beat the competitor
  • A professional: Gain reputation in his field
  • A creative artist: Get reorganization
A laborer, beggar, etc., etc., I can keep rattling endlessly. See there is no firm definition. It depends on what you are looking for^^ 

Suddenly do I sound too philosophical? It is because of a short story The Grass is Always Greener by Jeffery Archer. 

In this story the plot opens with a beggar who spends every night in front of a bank. He thinks the bank's security guard has a secured life. The security guard in turn has an eye on the his boss position. The plot keeps unfolding by expressing how each person (up to bank chairman) in the bank envies and longs to be in his boss' position! Success is such an illusion and only measured by people one level down the rat race!!    

1 comment:

Reno said...

You remind me a song by Moloko, it goes like tat, "To fulfil, you gotta feel full~".

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