Yet another leap

Some said it was too sudden, though they knew it could happen anytime. As I kept about rattling about it for more than a year! But, I did it!

For the past couple of months I was like a zombie undecided, confused and not willing to listen to my husband or anybody, for that matter. Finally, circumstances changed and the right choice presented itself so that I could let go of something that I was hopelessly clinging to!

It is one of the unforgettable moments, as I felt a sudden gush of relief just like how legendary Atlas would feel when he unloads the Celestial bodies from his shoulders! And, a well-wisher commented that I was glowing:)

Now, I sense that I've broken the barrier and marching forward with a smug satisfaction, like how I used to feel several years ago:)


Reno said...

U r able to do this bcoz u hav no financial burden. Some others only able to break the barrier only when they found a shelter (another barrier).

Reno said...

BTW, why your page background is black color? Tot u said it's bad for eyes...

VaishVijay said...

Yea bad for the eyes, especially on the ancient monitor that I was given last time!

Now, it looks cool in my new toy..
or may be am in a good mood to explore something different:)

Does it hurt your eyes on your super spec computer?

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