Decisions to make - a matter of choice!

A linkedIn question triggered me to write this post!
How often do you change your decisions, be it personal or work related? Changing is different from backing off with the decision when things start to fall apart! Most commonly heard excuses when a decision goes wrong:
  • Am NOT responsible..(white lie)
  • I was not around:p
  • Actually, I was forced to decide!
  • Nobody followed my decision:D
  • My hands were tied:(
  • I dint know "enough" when I decided^^
  • Am sorry - escapism!!
Instead, how about shouldering the responsibility with grace and find a level headed solution?


Reno said...

I can roughly guess who speak those words, but i have not clue who say "I'm force to decide"? Oh, is so amusing~

VaishVijay said...

Keep guessing ^^

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