Juicy tool and user expectations

When we do research, we start searching for something online, then get diverted if we stumble upon something interesting. Sometimes we even forget what we were looking for originally! How nice it would be if we can track what we started to look up. You might think that History would show you the sites that we were surfing, even in that you need to do spring-cleaning to find out what we were looking for, right?

Today, I was looking up for something I can't recall what, but ended up in discovering Juice, a plug-in meant for Firefox browser! Here, they claim that searching and keeping track of research is very simplified. As usual, I didn't bother to watch their demo, straight away I installed. Then dragged my name from my profile and dropped it in Juice, see what it brought up^^

First I thought that this will sort of help me to keep track of the original research. Then realized that if I keep dragging what ever I fancy, I can't keep track of the original item that I started with. Well, they claim it is in BETA. Sounds familiar? You are right, first we get excited with something, then we realize that it is still after all, in theory only...what else can we expect? Are the users exceeding the expectations of the creators? or may be "usability" is the last thing under the sun???

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