New avatar of Spinister - Freemale!

I was working on  my research paper (not related to the title of this post), and I came across a new term FREEMALE. First, I thought they must be referring to bachelors. But, this was not in context with the sentence in which this term appeared! Typical of me, started to find out the correct meaning and learned that, it means:

manless females who are too busy living life to the full to make space for a second tooth brush by the bathroom sink

Whenever I meet unattached ladies, who are well into their thirties I wonder if they hate families so fiercely or a loner or fed up with relationships, or just can't compromise with anything! My imagination runs loose...and this could be due to my conservative background, where anyone who is unmarried above 25 yrs are pitied^^.

Though curious to know their reasons for being single, I have never dared to ask them out of decency - fancy name for hesitation :p.


Reno said...

Oh, this term already exist in chinese society hundred years ago, but it carry different meaning. It means lady who decided not to married/depends on man to live on their own. The intention is not because of busy life. Last time woman has no equality rights and they have to depends on man for a living, ends up bullied most of the time. Those was old century's heritage, don't see it today anymore.

haan said...

pretty, though i'm not in the thirties (yet) to be qualified to answer the question, but i think it's basically like this..

nowadays there are so many capable ladies where the men cannot take. also coz now ppl have a lot of choices so they (ladies) want a good person, instead of someone who will ruin/degrade their current good life. (what for???)

in your case, maybe is a bit different. like u said, u didn't know ur husband well before getting married. and the "belief" was like a pressure to ask u go married. jz like in the past, the chinese world, at a certain age ur parents will force u go get married and find u a person for that purpose.

they had no choice, but just followed. then whatever bad things in the relationship will be tolerated. unlike today, ppl will choose to divorce or break up with the not-good another half.

VaishVijay said...

Hey guys, I do see your point where women don't get equal rights or get bad treatment from arranged marriages...

Look at the contemporary meaning, they "too busy" even for a man...which means they have choice, but not interested or not willing to give it a chance? May be, they are spoilt for choice!

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