Rosy Outlook

Last night when we were having usual bedtime chit-chat, my kid was curious to know, why medicine, especially tonics and syrups were colorful. I started to explain that various combination of chemicals bring color blah blah blah

And the response was "ah I thought that they were color colorful because we like it that way!" What an  attitude, I think that is why we should take all things in life from a child's perceptive, then everything will be rosy:)


Reno said...

U r so good at bullshit... Ur daughter will get tat frim u.

Don't know then say dun know lah. Haven't u forget about ur ex-com's teaching? :P

BTW, if the medicien contain artifical colouring, then its for commercial purpose loh~

VaishVijay said...

Yeah, I've learned that saying "dunno" is a GREAT ESCAPE;) and I hate to do I was trying to explain as simple as possible^^

Reno said...

Wheel of Morality, turn, turn, turn.
Tell us the lesson that we should learn~

Today's lesson:
101 of Bullshitting. :P

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