Slangs - Ever Expanding Lexicon

Like fast food, even language has become "instant"! Whenever I come across new contractions in day-to-day communication, I mutter, here is another word/term that I need to catch up with, thanks to the advent of electronic mail/chat systems^^.

A couple of classic terms that defied my common sense, when I came across it for the first time are:

  • wc: NOT toilet or water closet, it is WELCOME!
  • r u t: definitely not a hole, it is are you there!  
At times, I doubt if am a cryptologist trying to decipher a set of classified secrets.


Reno said...

Tat means u r losing touch with the world~ But, never too late. U can start practicing it on your husband's paper. :P

De'Little Ones said...

ha ha... wc

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