Visit to KL Bird's park

Right in the heart of KL, the colorful jungle which hosts Birds Park, Orchid Gardens, Lake Gardens is a feast to the eyes that are sore with the constant view of concrete jungle...

Entrance tickets for foreigners are exorbitant (RM39 for adults and RM29 for children). Luckily, as I still hold Malysian work permit , I got to enjoy highly subsidized rates meant for the locals (RM15 for adults and RM6 for children)!

You need to spend a day there if you wish to catch the scheduled activities as per the information board. It includes bird feeding (various schedules for each species) and the bird show. We managed to see bird feeding session for Hornbills! I will cover this in a different post.

An artist from Beijing had a stall and she was bringing life to names with deft strokes!

Her hands are so sure that just with single gracious stroke she can draw! Attracted by this, I had a short chat with her and found that her brush was made of animal hair tied in bamboo and wrapped in tapes!

She draws alphabets in the form of flowers/birds for girls names, animals/birds for boys names:) See my daughter's name:

This cost me only RM 20!

Watch for more posts to come on Peacock, Hornbills, Freshwater birds, etc.,...

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Reno said...

Ah...then this title should be Part 1~

ps: waiting, waiting for good photo~

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