Great Expectations

Almost all of us usher the New Year with great expectations and hope that good tidings will come by. Unlike many of us, I do not have the habit of making New Year resolutions, this is because constantly I keep targeting for things, get it and keep moving for the next. So making resolutions just because it is "new year" sounds like hype, which will be short lived.

Looking back at this year, I feel that it has been a good one, especially it had shown my way out of misery and chiseled the path to live ever after happily. Yeah, for more than a year I was not pleased in working where there is very little challenge clubbed with "stylish management" that encourages "fault finding" sprees. Well, now am free and pick assignments in my own terms. 

In the personal front, we have succeeded in our plans as well and are planning for the dates to move, which should be by end of Feb 2009:) Everything comes true if we believe in it strongly. Now, I remember my first year in college and in the first class, our lecturer asked us how long do you wish to live. Each student said something ranging from 60 to 100 years. I was the exception and told that I want to live until I die. At that time, I was not sure why I said it and my friends used to tease me for being crazy and I just used to say well, thatz me. Yup, this is my attitude, live life to the fullest without any hang-ups. Why should you even think how long should we live?

Good that we watched Bedtime Stories as it manifests the concept that whatever we believe comes true. Believe in happy endings, rather happenings and it will come true.

Happy New Year:)

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