Mumbai Menace

The recent Mumbai atrocity has shaken me. My parayers for the family of those who died in the tragedy. 

When similar things were happening in different countries, I felt sad, period, but was unable to grasp the seriousness. Now, when it has hit home (though none of my family and friends were directly affected by it) I cringe at this intolerable act and get nightmares.

Now, has listed India among 20 most dangerous places in the world, just after Mumbai massacre. May be, the list should be refined to indicate the dangerous places in the country, instead of listing the entire country.

What could be the reason behind the attack? Is it against the Jews? This is a very minor community in India! or Is it against the economic growth that India has been seeing thorough, recently? This is not convincing as well, because of the current global economic recession! Then, is it really against the intolerance for another religion? At any cost, this kind of barbaric acts should be erased. May be, like in since fictions, the scientists should come up with devices to alter the deadly thoughts of terrorism.

See, my rattles are wayward and jumping at different angles! I still can't see how the authorities were ignorant of such a sophisticated attack. The key persons have come forward and resigned from their posts, am not too sure of what to think of this act? Is it an act of taking up the responsibility? In that case, is this a reasonable decision at the hour of crisis? If they just resign, it might make the situation even difficult as the new person who take over might not know the history and the intricacies of the responsibilities of that position. May be the best way would be to keep the outgoing person as an aide to the newly appointed person. And, this should be done with complete cooperation and with sole aim of getting at the root cause of the menace. 

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