Until I came to know about remake of Hollywood science fiction The Day The Earth Stood Still, I taught that remake fever is high in Indian films but never expected that it has caught up in Hollywood as well. 

We were late for the movie, so didn't understand how the mountaineer manages to break the luminous sphere in Karakoram range, in Himalayas and what happens to him.    

The alien is shot the minute he is out of the spaceship despite his attempt to make a friendly hand-shake to the lead character Dr Helen Benson. Umm, trying to show the unfriendly and destructive nature of humans. 

Later in the military hospital, Dr Benson comes to know that the alien is Klaatu. She sets to find out Klaatu's mission and understands that he is there to save Earth from humans:) Much sought after concept, especially for those who are eco friendly. To support his cause, Klaatu says "If the earth dies the humans die, if you die earth survives". This is no exaggeration, if fact we are the only species on earth who contribute to global warming and other destructive measures.

Dr Bensons' attempt to ask for a chance for human survival sounds pathetic. She does not have any valid grounds as to how can she guarantee that humans will stop from exploiting the planet and make peace. Later, another character tries to argue that only at the brink of extinction humans would try hard to preserve themselves and earth. What an argument?

Thanks that the alien seems to be in Human form and refuses to show up in its proverbial getup, as it would only scare the humans AND we are spared from watching one of those nasty inventions.

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Reno said...

The movie is so lousy because it is tooooooooo commercialized. Story plain. Things are not consistent. The building and truck gone in few seconds, but the stupid kid can still last for minutes...

I would say i rather watch it on pirated vcd, though the picture is nice. (But, hey, there are a lot of nice movie with nice picture around too.)

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