365 Gifts

Since midnight I was receiving SMS from friends, phone calls from family members and later received emails as well. All of these were to wish me for this new year. Some of the SMS/email contents are nice to read and brings in good vibes. Though they might not have been originally written by the senders, I appreciate their efforts for choosing and sending it to me:)

Instead of listing the entire contents, here is a list of excerpts that I liked most:

with 365 gifts GOD has provisioned for you, may each gift unfold countless blessings to you & your family... how true and how often do we appreciate it? In fact we hate certain days, like Mondays^^!

with all the children's smiles... wish we can be as innocent as their smiles:)

Forget the Bad... is it really possible?

Cherish the Good... now, this is easy...

A path that leads to beautiful tomorrows... yeah, I know the way now:)

Special memories of all the yesterdays... relishing it

Serenity with each sunrise... love the magical hour of the day

Like this Sacarlet Ibis, which is unique and bright, I like the SMS that I receive from dear Reno annually. Wish to receive it every year no matter where I live:)

yes, u wil always get my greeting earlier. I wish u Happy new year, cny, birthday, labour,wesak, merdeka day,hari raya puasa, deevali, xmas n happy holiday!:-D - Cheerful, yet cost cutting and no need to worry about forgetting to wish for any reason hehehe


Reno said...

Well, that's me and it has became my "trademark". :D

Sri's reply to my message the funniest. [Thanks for your Wishes & Wish u the same! U Havent changed ur new year sms. I got the same sms last year, it shows that u have not changed. Gud keep it up. Sri"] :D

De'Little Ones said...

Hahaha. Reno reusing his last year sms?

How are you now, Vaish?

Wishing you great New Year from me and family.

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