Logic of Heaven and Hell

First, I thought of writing about the 10 courts of Hell based on what we saw at Haw Par Villa or the Tiger Balm Gardens in Singapore.

When I was sorting the photos, my kid wanted to hear the story behind the photos. I started to explain that in the 1st court of hell, the judge would decide who could go to heaven or hell, based on their deeds. She stopped me mid-way and shot a series of logical questions that I had missed to think before! These questions changed the course of this post.

Instead of writing the mundane details of crimes and respective punishments that are supposed to be given in these hells, letz see the logic or the missing logic that I was asked...

  • How can the judge at the 1st court of hell decide on who goes to hell or heaven? Shouldn't he be outside the hell?
I tried to tell that it is belief and mythology, and this answer didn't go well. Yet to find her a better answer, any suggestions?

  • Why do they threaten like this by showing only the punishments?
I said that when people see the tortures they might want to avoid it and hence start doing good deeds to avoid punishments. Abruptly, another Q came up: is that why you cut my online/TV time when you think am naughty? What should I answer?!

  • Why is there no scene that shows how people are happy in heaven?
What can I say, except that the motivating factor to do good deeds is missing. Then I tried to explain that heaven or hell on earth is a state of mind. My answer backfired^^and she commented, if that is the case, why design such a cruel hell?

Anything that begins must have an end. Look at these shots

Well, this might ring a bell to many. Yes, after doing all nonsense how often do we hear: I did this so that you will learn and you should not keep it in mind:) When you forget everything, how can you learn and stop repeating the same sins or rather mistakes?


ange said...

erm, hi =)ur post was posted on jan 2009, i heard some news about Haw par Villa closing down.. do you happen to know if it's true? or is it closed down already?
pls reply to


VaishVijay said...

I think it was closed for renovation long time ago.

But, even as of last week of Feb 2009, it was open.

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