Compassionate and Caring Social Media

Finally, the Social Media is slowly turning to help the neighborhood, or rather the digital-neighborhood. Last time, it was mainly used to promote themselves shamelessly or their businesses. Now, the trend is slowly changing and here are a couple of posts that changed my perception:

Though I didn't contribute to this post, I started following this blogger, because of his compassion and smart way of presenting ideas in simple graphics. From his recent post, I was led to find yet another post that was asking for a contribution, not in the form of monetary contribution but emotional support for a single mother who is suffering from cancer and struggling to bring up her two children.

Compelled by this post, I updated my Facebook status to reflect this feeling and immediately a friend responded! I request you guys to visit the above blog post and show that you too care.

It is a good sign that the power of social media is utilized in a positive way.

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