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As part of their Internet awareness campaign in Tamil Nadu, India, Google has launched the Internet Bus Project. They aim to educate people on the benefits and the use of Internet.

They plan to visit some of the major towns in Tamil Nadu and arrange for interactions with the locals. They are even promoting this through adverts. Some of the promotional stuff is available in Google's blog.

Well, this should be appreciated. However, I just wonder, what can be achieved in a short time span (see the Internet bus itinerary, given in the above link)? This kind of shortsighted programs that wish to create awareness in a society where even basic education is not available for everyone sounds like pure marketing gimmick.

I wish that a corporate of Google's standing should adopt a rural village that has no access to any of the basic amenities like drinking water, roads, basic health care or primary education and help in making their lives better. By doing this, they can cultivate an awareness and work for the upliftment of the society as a whole. Google, can Internet help in achieving these objectives?

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Umesh said...

Hey, This is a good thing & information for the awareness.

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