Kampung Life - a Glimpse

Cattle rearing, managing livestock, growing cash crops, toil in the hot sun, all these are synonymous with village life. We happened to see all these activities in a kampung (village) near Pantai Morib.

Simple wooden house far away from pollution, speaks for itself:

The livelihood of the family that lives here depends on the cattle, goats, turkeys, chickens, a small beetle leaves plantation and leeches. Here, you don't have to worry about trying to beat the rush hour traffic to reach workplace on time or do things just because your boss says so. At first, this might sound idyllic. However, they follow disciplined schedule everyday right from dawn to dusk. In this family, each of the family members, including the 9 year old, share the chores! Nothing comes free right?

Look at the goat shack...

The minute I tried to open the lock, all the goats rushed towards me thinking that am going to take them out for grazing:)

The turkeys and the chickens where busy doing their business.

After tackling all the tireless actions in the hot sun, they work in the betel plantation in the evening.

There is a special place for betel leaves in Indian, especially Hindu culture. It is used in prayers and medicinal purposes. 

When this family learned about the monetary benefits of growing leeches through a radio program, they decided to give a shot at it as well! Since it was their trial phase, they had just converted an old water tank to grow leeches.

These young ones would become ready for market in six months. They are mainly used in beauty saloons for various treatments.

Have you heard a common joke where a dull student would be ridiculed that he is fit only for grazing the cows? The joke tries to imply that these kinds of tasks are lowly and does not require any hard work or intelligence. But, in reality, it is neither lowly nor simple. In fact it requires a lot of meticulous planning and hard work.

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