Croydon Neighborhood

Getting ready to go out is quite troublesome in UK, as I need to be fully geared up with warm clothes. Yet another adjustment we had to make is going out without a car. First day, I found it very difficult to walk especially in the cold weather. Um, must get a car ASAP:)

Well, the temptation to explore the nearby shopping area makes me to ignore this minor discomfort. The roads are narrow, but I find that here the road manners are much better than in KL. They really watch out for the oncoming traffic, before crossing the roads.

This morning, we came across a tram that goes to Wimbledon. Hoping to try the tram ride very soon. The Whitgift shopping mall is about 10 mins brisk walk from our place.

The mall area is cobble stoned, with ample space for relaxing. When we reached there, the weather was gloomy, with dark sky and light drizzle.


When we came out of the mall after a couple of hours the sky was clear and beautiful. But, it was still windy and very chill.


Then, we passed by the day market which was on the way back home. We picked up a box of juicy strawberries for just 50p (RM2.75/Rs36) and came back.

The strawberries are larger than the imported ones that we used to buy at Cold Storage in KL for RM 30! As it started to drizzle again, we rushed back without exploring further.


haan said...

pretty, walk more is good for your health!! it's the best exercise!!

Reno said...

What? 6 pieces of strawberry only?

10 minutes of walk is impossible in Malaysia, but even 30 minutes of walk is possible in cold weather country. May be you should get a bicycle, not a car. Earth-friendly! :P

How's ppl in Croydon? Are there more foreigner than locals?

BTW, watch the "little britian" vcd i got you last time? That give u some insight of british. :P

VaishVijay said...

Yup, walking is good n I feel good aso...

Yes, there are more forigners than the locals.

Good bicycles are quite expensive... in fact cars are comparatively cheaper.

Well, I do plan to watch those VCDs, but I'd prefer to experience rather than watching.

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