Memories of Birthdays

At the tender age, birthdays were very special and in fact, I would count down. My mom used to tease that we would grow up lil bit on our birthdays!

During school days, BDs were celebrated in class during the 1st hour. No cakes, but the class would sing and clap, which was kinda embarrassing. After this, I used distribute candies to classmates and of course friends would get chocolates as well:) Though the celebration was simple, the level of excitement was quite high. BD was the only day we were allowed to wear color dress instead of the school uniform. And, I used to feel like a princess and at the same time a bit shy, because everybody in school (friends, classmates, juniors and even seniors) would wish or at least smile^^.

I think it was my 14th BD, when I looked at myself, I was shocked and started to cry. Yes, my eyes were swollen because of allergy. How silly!

During my first year in college, as a surprise my friends had passed BD cards to the college president, who called up my name on stage at end of the prayer assembly, wished and presented the cards. I was feeling on top of the world by then:)

Then in the 2nd year of my college, my good friend Sri Devi left a BD card in my project file that was due for submission in 10 days. As I never thanked her for more than a week, she had a suspicion that I had not opened my file for so long and asked me if I had done my project that was due very soon. She was right, I just remembered that I had to revise my essay before submitting it. When I opened the file, there was a pleasant surprise!

Then during my final year in college, the trend of BD celebration had changed, by then it was more private and I celebrated only with friends. The culture is that only the BD girl would spend for the treat.

After marrying, it is different story. For the first few years, we used to go for holidays or plan something special. Then at work, in India they used to pool and celebrate employees BD on last Fridays of the month. It was kinda good.

When my kid came along, my BD was the last thing on my mind, until we came to Kuching, East Malaysia. My friend Shameem, surprised me with a cake! Later we moved to Kula Lumpur (KL), West Malaysia and my friend migrated to UK. Last year, she visited KL during my BD and was staying with us. It felt so good to be wished by a friend early in the morning.

This year, it will be my last BD in Malaysia and again my friends Haan, Mei Guat, Reno and Liew made it so special by having a mini pre-BD celebration at my almost uninhabitable condo (because packing is underway), after a sumptuous farewell dinner at Ahimsa. 

Um, so good that the BD gal is treated:) Thank you for singing, for the cheesecake and the brownies...will be missing you guys


De'Little Ones said...

Happy Birthday to you. When you celebrated this? Yesterday? Wished I was there too.

VaishVijay said...

We celebrated on 3rd Mar:)

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