Eastbourne Pier

For the past two days, weather was perfect and High Street was full of enthusiastic shoppers dressed in cool summer wears. Yesterday, I just planned to go down to the market to grab a couple of sundry items, but ended up with shopping for whole day with my friends. And, trust me I did not buy any junk, so I congratulated myself for that and bought myself a large pack of salted popcorn:)

Well, this sunny climate prompted me to write a long pending post on Eastbourne Pier, which is situated on a romantic pebbled beach

On that day, wind was chilly and strong and the pier bridge felt a bit shaky but we went to the extreme end of the pier where there was fishing club...

I was reminded of the lone fishing "experts" who hang on forever on top of the bridges and by the ditches in Malaysia! But, this place is a far cry from all those places. Here, I guess you should be daring enough to brave the strong winds and get down to the fishing fact there was a sign board that prohibited spectators beyond that area and as usual I wanted to go beyond that point, but the minute I peeped in, I lost my guts, see it for yourself...

Then I just started to take pictures of the shore from there...

It was lovely to watch the birds soaring up and down to catch fish and at the same time see the sweeping shore. The place was perfect for...umm so many things, I meant only writing and thinking! :)

As you exit the pier, I caught this breathtaking view of the roadside, dotted with beautiful white buildings and flowerbeds.

As we were walking by the beach side, we caught site of a class diner at a Fish and Chips outlet and without getting noticed I managed to take video...


Ladies and Gentlemen and Animals!

Each woman, has always needed 4 animals. I didn't say it!

Don't get carried away by the photos! Ladies choice is not these animals, but their real-time equivalents!

A Jaguar in her garage

A Mink in her closet

A Stallion in her bed

AND a Donkey to pay for it all


Colors of Spring

As we had recently moved to a new house (ofcourse still with friends), there is no internet for the past few days. And, we expect to get the connection only by next week. Nowadays, I come to a nearby Internet Cafe for a shortwhile.

I was looking through the photos I had taken so far. Then, I realized that I had a collection of beautiful flowers. So, here we go:

These dazzaling daffodils are found in the parks. In the countryside, you get to see them as yellow patches in between the green fields.

Plum blossoms in a friend's garden...

Tulips dotted with violets...

Roses at Kensington palace...

Later I would come up with a sequel to this post, as I have more photos...


Hope and Belief

First month in UK, we were trying to adapt to the new climate, culture and kind of having a honeymoon. I did not bother to find a job. Whereas, my husband developed contacts that would help him in establishing his career. At the end of the month, when we took stock, we thought that we were doing fine.

Now, almost towards the end of second month, I can't sit by simply and keep thinking that everything will come as I was DREAMING. Well, I tell myself everyday that relentless trying would yield fruits. As there is no definite plan as to how long we should keep trying, I feel as if am in a project with no deadline. This kind of gives me creeps.

Some say, we had taken the wrong move in deciding to migrate when the economy is taking a fast dive. Some say, we are bold and yet some say we are too careless. But, we decided that it is best for us to chase our dreams.


Idyllic Countryside

For quite some time I was trying to go to the countryside. And, a chance came unexpectedly when I was visiting my friend in Eastbourne. As I was keen to go to historical battle field at Hastings, my friend dared to venture out on her own using the satnav (Satellite Navigator).

At first, it felt good that there is a constant companion who could show the route. But, after a while, when it kept repeating instructions, it felt like as if you are constantly nagged by a tensed passenger asking you to turn right when there is after all a bend in the road! So we reduced the volume and headed towards Hastings.

As usual, the motorway was narrow but scenic as we turned in the countryside.

The road further narrowed down and if a car comes in the opposite direction, it would have been difficult to give way.

The landscape kept changing by the minute, as we were driving through hilly farms.

Look at this lone cottage...

After 40 minutes drive we arrived at the Battle of Hastings site. Here am not going to cover about the historical site, as it deserves a separate post. However, am including some of the pictures that we took in the battlefield trail, as it was a beautiful countryside.

This part of the trail was laced with beautiful bluebells and it felt so good to walk in the woods:)

The tranquil pond and quacking of the unseen ducks were enough to transport me to Utopia.

Throughout the walk instead of getting tired or feeling cold because of the chilly wind, I had a silly grin like that of a teenager sneaking out without parent's permission:)

At first, I was eager to visit the historical site, but I ended up enjoying the countryside ride and the battlefield trail that we walked. I was thanking my friend several times for bringing me to this place:) Thank you my dear friend for giving me a lifetime memory...


Picturesque Eastbourne

Summer has just started and the weather is getting better. The best part is that sunrise is around 5.30 am and sunset is only around 8.30 pm. As we have long hours of daylight, I don't realize how late it is, until I see the time. No complaints, though.

Now, am in Eastbourne visiting friends. It is a picturesque seaside town and thanks to my friend who invited me to stay with her. Here is a predawn picture taken from the bedroom window around 5.20 am.

The streets are so clean and there is no din or the blaring siren sounds that we hear in Croydon.

I have not been to the town yet, but I followed my friend to the swimming pool. It is a ladies only session, which is organized by my friend as a community event. The pool was covered and with heating. Besides the chlorine smell, the water looked so azure and inviting. Later, I learned that my friend had received annual sponsorship from the council for conducting this program!

I didn't take photos in the pool because I was advised that some of the ladies would not be comfortable if I take photos in the pool. However, I took a couple of snaps in that area.

The houses hidden behind the greenery looks so romantic, as if out of a picture book. When I turned around, the deserted road was forcing me to press my shutter. Am not sure if am a shutterbug or just crazy to capture anything and everything.

When I took this shot, I did not to see the signboard at the far end of the this T-junction. What a surprise, in India, Malaysia and Singapore, I have seen boards that say Beware of Dogs. But, when we drove through that T-junction, I read that signboard AND it said Beware Traffic! When I was musing on these things, I got a glimpse of the distant blue sea, and instead of taking a long shot, I thought that let me wait untill I go there.

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