Hope and Belief

First month in UK, we were trying to adapt to the new climate, culture and kind of having a honeymoon. I did not bother to find a job. Whereas, my husband developed contacts that would help him in establishing his career. At the end of the month, when we took stock, we thought that we were doing fine.

Now, almost towards the end of second month, I can't sit by simply and keep thinking that everything will come as I was DREAMING. Well, I tell myself everyday that relentless trying would yield fruits. As there is no definite plan as to how long we should keep trying, I feel as if am in a project with no deadline. This kind of gives me creeps.

Some say, we had taken the wrong move in deciding to migrate when the economy is taking a fast dive. Some say, we are bold and yet some say we are too careless. But, we decided that it is best for us to chase our dreams.

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