Idyllic Countryside

For quite some time I was trying to go to the countryside. And, a chance came unexpectedly when I was visiting my friend in Eastbourne. As I was keen to go to historical battle field at Hastings, my friend dared to venture out on her own using the satnav (Satellite Navigator).

At first, it felt good that there is a constant companion who could show the route. But, after a while, when it kept repeating instructions, it felt like as if you are constantly nagged by a tensed passenger asking you to turn right when there is after all a bend in the road! So we reduced the volume and headed towards Hastings.

As usual, the motorway was narrow but scenic as we turned in the countryside.

The road further narrowed down and if a car comes in the opposite direction, it would have been difficult to give way.

The landscape kept changing by the minute, as we were driving through hilly farms.

Look at this lone cottage...

After 40 minutes drive we arrived at the Battle of Hastings site. Here am not going to cover about the historical site, as it deserves a separate post. However, am including some of the pictures that we took in the battlefield trail, as it was a beautiful countryside.

This part of the trail was laced with beautiful bluebells and it felt so good to walk in the woods:)

The tranquil pond and quacking of the unseen ducks were enough to transport me to Utopia.

Throughout the walk instead of getting tired or feeling cold because of the chilly wind, I had a silly grin like that of a teenager sneaking out without parent's permission:)

At first, I was eager to visit the historical site, but I ended up enjoying the countryside ride and the battlefield trail that we walked. I was thanking my friend several times for bringing me to this place:) Thank you my dear friend for giving me a lifetime memory...


Reno said...

Hohoho, i like the navigator. Coz u can yell at it, "Who's driving!?". :P

VaishVijay said...

yea, I know...but kinda felt like my husband who constantly instructs me while I drive!

Shameem said...

I'm sorry i'm reading your post only now. I had it on the back of my mind to read it leisurely. Now, that i've done it, it is a lovely post full of detail. I'm looking forward to reading your other post about the Battle of Hastings history.
You are welcome, dear Vaish for the drive through countryside and to Battle. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. You are like me. I enjoy history tremendously. It's like reliving the past!!

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