Picturesque Eastbourne

Summer has just started and the weather is getting better. The best part is that sunrise is around 5.30 am and sunset is only around 8.30 pm. As we have long hours of daylight, I don't realize how late it is, until I see the time. No complaints, though.

Now, am in Eastbourne visiting friends. It is a picturesque seaside town and thanks to my friend who invited me to stay with her. Here is a predawn picture taken from the bedroom window around 5.20 am.

The streets are so clean and there is no din or the blaring siren sounds that we hear in Croydon.

I have not been to the town yet, but I followed my friend to the swimming pool. It is a ladies only session, which is organized by my friend as a community event. The pool was covered and with heating. Besides the chlorine smell, the water looked so azure and inviting. Later, I learned that my friend had received annual sponsorship from the council for conducting this program!

I didn't take photos in the pool because I was advised that some of the ladies would not be comfortable if I take photos in the pool. However, I took a couple of snaps in that area.

The houses hidden behind the greenery looks so romantic, as if out of a picture book. When I turned around, the deserted road was forcing me to press my shutter. Am not sure if am a shutterbug or just crazy to capture anything and everything.

When I took this shot, I did not to see the signboard at the far end of the this T-junction. What a surprise, in India, Malaysia and Singapore, I have seen boards that say Beware of Dogs. But, when we drove through that T-junction, I read that signboard AND it said Beware Traffic! When I was musing on these things, I got a glimpse of the distant blue sea, and instead of taking a long shot, I thought that let me wait untill I go there.

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Shameem said...

Very good account Vaish! I will take you into Eastbourne town tomorrow and we'll walk up to the pier and around the shops there.
Good night!

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