Air Show from Beachy Head

We had to drive up hill on a narrow road to reach the Beachy Head. What a peculiar name for a beach! It is off-beat yet truly romantic beach.

I can sit on the gentle slopes and gaze at the azure sky and water for hours together:)

The breeze was strong and it was slightly cold, but all of us were eagerly awaiting the red arrows to arrive and perform. 

At first, we heard the deafening roar behind us and in fraction of a second the red arrows zoomed above us...

The fighter performed mind boggling aerobic actions on the air.

They were forming patterns using colorful smoke and making dives and free-falls. Locals say that every year this show is performed by the Royal Air Force to attract candidates for joining the air force.

1 comment:

fredamans said...

Wonderful display!!!
Thanks for participating!

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