Is Shopping an Addiction?

Recently, I have been on mad trips to nearby super markets at least once a week and buy things that I need or might remotely need in the future. It all started as an act of escapade when there were elders at home and I didn't want to get in unwanted discussions early in the morning. Thank heavens, after two months my situation has changed.

Looking back at the stock in hand I'm shocked to realize how desperate I have been in these days. Then, I was doing a flash-back of the yester years and how I used to shop only for the necessities. This made me to Google and find if there are compulsive shoppers.

After reading the indications and symptoms of compulsive shoppers am shocked to realize how shopping could lead one towards addiction, which further would lead to financial destruction! Here is a description on chronic or compulsive shoppers...

Shopaholics (as they are sometimes referred to) when they are feeling "out of sorts, shop for a " pick-me-up." They go out and buy, to get a high, or get a "rush" just like a drug or alcohol addict.

Here is a questionnaire you might want to go through...

  • Do you often go on buying binges?
  • Do you find yourself spending more time and/or money buying on the Internet or on the shopping channels than you want to?
  • Does money burn a hole in your pocket?
  • Do you go shopping because you want to make yourself feel better?
  • Do you often buy things because you think they will make you more like your ideal image?
  • Do you sometimes feel that something inside of you pushes you to shop?
  • Do you shop to avoid doing something else in your life?
If you answered YES to most of the questions, it is time for you to wake up and take stock, lock and barrel on your shopping habit.

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