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First time I saw the DUCK near Trafalgar Square in London, but never had the opportunity to take a tour in that. So when we heard about duck tour in Melaka we wanted to experience that land and sea trip. These types of amphibious vehicles were used during World War II for transportation. Now, this is used for attracting tourists.

Inlaid picture shows the London duck, whereas the main picture is the Melaka Duck:) It looks like a typical tourist vehicle including a loud horn.

I felt that the ticket prices are too high for adults @ RM38 and children @ RM 22. I wish they mark down it by half price. Anyway, we booked for the 1PM trip, for which we were asked for report at 12.45 PM.

Luckily, our conductor aka ConDUCKtor could speak "understandable" English. He was telling about the history of Melaka. The journey started from Menara Taming Sari near Datarn Pahalawan.

The ride was bumpy and it reminded me of the days when we used to travel by horse driven jhatkas in rural India. After few minutes, I had a doubt if there is some problem with the vehicle, so I asked the in-charge why was the duck so shaky. And he replied that it is "DUCK tour" and is meant to be like that!

Duck quacked its way through Melaka Raya and passed on to Pulau Melaka, where they are constructing large scale recreational complex and stopped near the floating Mosque.

Near the Mosque, there was a slanting cement path leading to the Straits of Melaka. With cheers from the tourists, the driver halted the duck with a loud screech and handed over to the boat man. Within seconds, duck splashed into the water and we were floating beautifully in the sea. By then, the weather too cheered us by hiding the scorching Sun with clouds and there was a soothing cool breeze:)

Before entering the sea, we were strictly warned against leaning or popping our heads outside the duck. Besides, I was sitting in the first row near the person in-charge of the duck, so I could not capture the transition between land and water.

ConDUCKtor pointed out Pulau Besar, which resembles a lying pregnant lady! I couldn't get a clear shot of it because of poor lighting conditions. Then we spotted the much hyped Star Cruise ship...

And, the supply boat that transports passengers and stuff from the luxury liner to the land and vice versa...

We were in the Straits of Melaka for about 15 minutes and when the guide pointed our landing platform from afar I was a bit disappointed as the water part of the ride was coming to an end so soon.

Yes, we came out of the sea via the cement platform at Banda Hilir, just behind the Eye on Malaysia. After landing, we could see the beautiful Marina, where private yachts and boats were docked...

Then we passed through Eye on Malaysia grounds, which was in a sorry state as it was closed. I don't understand how a town that pours millions in constructing new facilities to attract tourists can neglect such existing facilities!

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