Trying to be Healthy

The long Easter weekend was refreshing. I tried to eat healthy, cross my heart!

When we went for Chinese vegetarian makan, I ordered fresh mixed fruit n veg juice, which was suggested by the attender (beetroot, orange and ginger). In a short while, a shocking pink juice was kept in front of me. I thought OMG, it looks like 'sarbaths' sold during festivals in rural Indian villages...

Well, it tasted OK, but I would not go for it again, may be I'd ask them to replace orange with some other fruit. My kid says I gotta wired taste:p

For those who wonder about the dish in the background - it is "Pattaya Tomyam fried rice", my kid's choice.

1 comment:

TriGirl said...

Hi VaishVijay! Stopping by from FTLOB. What an interesting drink--it's pretty :) Too bad it wasn't very good.

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